We did it! Thanks to your support!


The 2016 Ottawa-Gatineau March raised $63,253.61!  This is more than $13,000 over the original goal!.

All of the money will support Myeloma research and at least half will contribute directly to myeloma research initiatives at The Ottawa Hospital. A benefit to us all!

Thank you to all those whose generous donations helped us achieve and surpass our financial goals; to those of you who organized teams and joined the March bringing the Ottawa Gatineau myeloma community together. We had close to 200 patients, family and friends marching, ┬áraising awareness of the disease; and to all those who organized and helped make the day such a fun and successful event…including Mayor Watson who welcomed us all and cut the ribbon to start the March.

Congratulations and a big thank you to David Rideout, Myeloma March Chair, Ottawa-Gatineau Myeloma March.