Year-end update from Robin and Jean

The Support Group has had a successful year with 9 meetings attended by on average 25-35 people, both patients and caregivers.

We had presentations from Aldo Del Col, Co-Founder and Chairman of Multiple Myeloma Canada in April, as well as both Dr. McCurdy and Dr. Kew in the Fall and Spring.

We want to give a huge “thank you” to Bev and Paul and Rosemary for organizing and providing the refreshments each month, it’s a great social opportunity and they do a wonderful job.

Robin and Jean are already thinking about the next sessions and would love your feedback on what to focus on, as well as what worked or didn’t work.

Possible topics not yet covered include pain management, funding drug access, what support is available at later stages and how to access it, and support for caregivers.  Should we revisit any of the topics we covered in this year’s sessions?

Please give Robin and Jean feedback as these are your meetings, and we want to meet the group’s needs.

We look forward to seeing you all at our first meeting which will be Tuesday, September 12th at 6:45 at the Maplesoft Centre.  

Then we only have 2 weeks until the Myeloma Walk on Sunday September 24th so let’s have a great event and raise at least the $75,000 goal!

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