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Please note the change to Wednesday meetings in 2017
The Ottawa-Gatineau Multiple Myeloma Support Group invites Myeloma patients, family, caregivers and friends to our monthly information and sharing meetings.
PLACE:         Maplesoft Centre, 1500 Alta Vista Drive.
TIME:            6:45-8:45 PM
The meetings begin with a guest speaker and discussion followed by a session where patients and caregivers share their experience with the disease. The mission of the Support Group is to provide hope and to empower Myeloma patients, family, caregivers and friends through education, advocacy, patient care and support and sharing experiences.
Wednesday, September 13th
Bev and Paul Lumb, will talk about each stage of the myeloma treatment process from diagnosis to remission from their experience as a patient and caregiver and facilitate a broader discussion on the myeloma journey.
Wednesday, October 4th  
Dr. Renata Francovitch, MD, FCFP, Dip. Sport Med., will talk about the vital importance of exercise to maintain myeloma patient’s bone and muscle strength.
Wednesday, November 4th  
Dr. Khadija Bhimii, OGH Palliative Care Program, will focus on pain management for Myeloma patients.
Wednesday, December 6th  
Dr. A Kew will update us on ongoing myeloma clinical trains at the Ottawa Hospital and the process for patient engagement.

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