Final Meeting + Election Advocacy

Just a reminder that our next and final Network meeting of the season is scheduled for  Wednesday , June 6th at 6:45pm in the Maplesoft Center, 1500 Alta Vista Drive.
Our speaker will be Frank Courjal, Director of Scientific Affairs for the Binding Site, an organization which provides specialist diagnostic products and professionals worldwide. He will talk about new diagnostic approaches for myeloma.
Ontario Election Advocacy campaign 
And to encourage you all to join in our Ontario election advocacy campaign. Myeloma Canada has posted the materials the Ontario Advocacy Committee developed on its website. It includes the draft letter that can be sent directly to candidates in your riding ( easy!); the background document; and a questions you may want to pose at an all candidates meeting or when meeting with individual candidates. And instructions!
It would be great if you could also send us any responses/results from your engagement. It will help us gauge the effectiveness of the campaign and inform the development of future election initiatives in other provinces.
The campaign is well on its way…we don’t have much time! The link is below.
Warm regards,
Robin and Jean

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