2018-2019 Meeting Speakers

Our meetings will continue to be held at the Maplesoft Centre on the first Wednesday of the month – September to November and March to June.

The detailed schedule will be available and sent out in early August. The first meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 5. The fall program will include sessions with:

  • Erin Mutterbach, the Myeloma nurse practitioner who will talk about her role working with myeloma patients and clinicians;
  • Dr. McCurdy who will focus on interpreting blood results and using MyChart;
  • a dentist to talk about specific dental challenges for myeloma patients; and
  • a session on autoimmune diseases and cancer.

In the Spring we are hoping to organize sessions on:

  • new treatment developments with one of our clinicians;
  • an update on transplants with Dr. Atkins;
  • a session on kyphoplasty and vertebroplasty for patients with damaged backs; and
  • a session on the role and activities of Myeloma Canada.

If you have any topic or news item you would like included in future meetings or newsletters, or other suggestions or requests, please contact Robin Sully, Jean Shepherd or anyone on the Executive Committee.

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