$67,500 Worth of Thanks!

The silent auction saw many donated gifts again.

Thanks to generous donations of everyone who supported us, we have raised

over $67,500.

Steps indeed!

Thanks go out to so many including:

Frank Shepherd and David Rideout (co-chairs)

Committee: Leah Auclair, Alexandra Bumbu, Gilles Caron, Monique Chartrand, Joanne Gay, Elenita Horca, Antek Kubski, Paul Martin, David Panich. Ann Rideout, Jean Shepherd, Nicole Slunder and Robin Sully.

Thanks to all of the volunteers ( Susan Mayo and the team providing the refreshments, Stuart Jones and the team of marshals, Amarillis Figueiredo from the Ottawa Hospital and Nicholas Dibdin from Canada Blood Services who brought research posters, Lise Gay for offering to provide first aid if needed, and to all of you who made this event possible. Without the participation of so many,  there would be no Walk and no funds raised!

Myeloma Ottawa logo 2.jpeg

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