Steps to a Cure: Our 2019 Community Walk

This year’s Walk was attended by over 250 participants and volunteers and probably represents our largest “meeting” of the year. It’s an opportunity for us to meet with other patients and their families, our medical doctors and others who support us, in an informal setting, and have some fun together as we enjoy the walk along the Ottawa River. With so many people participating, it makes us realize we are not alone when facing the challenges presented by Myeloma.


Dr. Kew and Dr. McCurdy summarized some of the great progress that has been made in recent years in the treatment options and new drugs available, which continue to improve outcomes for Myeloma patients.  They noted the importance of the research funds we raise and the value of patient participation in their on-going research activities. This year our fundraising will help support development of CAR-T cell therapy leading to clinical trials for Myeloma patients in the Ottawa-Gatineau region, as well as a variety of activities at Myeloma Canada.



As in previous years, we are grateful to a large number of volunteers who helped us organize this year’s Walk and to all who made such generous donations.   

In all, we raised over $60,000 for myeloma research! 

Thank You One and All!

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