COVID 19 OPH Vaccination update

  1. MM Patients on treatment/post transplant meet the criteria for vaccine, and also for the dose-delay exemption.
  2. Please be patient, there are thousands of patients with many illnesses, and unfortunately limited doses of vaccines at TOH (and in the province in general). 
  3. If possible, we do recommend accessing vaccine in community (as discussed in our zoom meeting last week)
  4. Lists of all of our patients meeting criteria have been submitted to the TOH vaccine center, and patients will be contacted in time.
  5. Public Health/community vaccine centers are aware of hematology patients meeting the second dose exemption, and as of today should no longer be requiring letters from MDs- they will honour patients self-identifying for the earlier second dose.
  6. TOH has also asked OPH for a list of hematology patients who had first dose in community, so that we can book second doses if supply allows.

We are aware that some patients who have been contacted by TOH and have already had their first dose in the community have been able to book their second dose with TOH.

This of course may depend on vaccine availability moving forward.

Dr. McCurdy and her team are doing everything they can to move this vaccination process forward for us and will continue to pass on details as they become available…as we will.

In the mean time, we hope you will all take care to follow all recommended provincial and local Health Care guidelines, and stay safe.

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