Zoom meeting: April 22!

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The last few weeks have been a challenging time for everyone and we do hope you are managing and staying well and safe.  Since we are all staying home and self isolating except for essential things, Myeloma Canada have arranged for all of the support groups to have access  to, and arrange “virtual meetings”  using Zoom, which accommodate up to 100 participants.  Many other groups are already taking advantage of this, and we thought we would see if this would be helpful for our group.
We thought we might focus this meeting on issues affecting patients and caregivers with the current Covid-19 pandemic including:
1. How are you dealing with isolation?
2. What are the challenges you are facing?
3. Any concerns/ impacts on your treatment?
4. Is there any information or additional support that the group or MC could provide?
but no formal presentations are planned.
Some of you will be familiar with Zoom, but for those that are not, if you have a phone, mobile phone, computer or tablet you should be able to join the meeting (video is not essential, but audio connection is needed).
If you are interested (or may be interested) in joining the meeting on April 22nd (we have time booked from 7pm – 8:30pm, but may not take that long), please reply to this e-mail  by April 21st at the latest, and I will send you the meeting invite details and instructions on how to connect.  This allows us to maintain physical distancing but be socially connected without leaving our homes.
Hoping to talk to you next Wednesday,
Frank Shepherd
(on behalf of Robin, Jean and Glenn)

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