Myeloma Canada Leaders’ Summit

Robin Sully and Jean Shepherd attended the Annual Support Group Leaders and Advocacy Summits from Friday September 29 to Sunday October 1st.  It was attended by 34 myeloma leaders from across Canada and was a great opportunity to network and brainstorm on our shared issues.

On Friday evening they honoured the leaders whose myeloma journey came to an end this year. We were privileged to acknowledge Irene Podgorski’s outstanding contribution to our myeloma community. She is missed both as a friend and colleague.

Some of the speakers on Saturday and Sunday included:

Marie-Claude Bourgeois-Daigneault, PhD from Dr. Bell’s Lab here at the Ottawa Hospital’s General Campus, talking about cutting edge research into Myeloma.

Gail Christy from Bereaved Families of Ontario.

Dr. Donna Reece, from Princess Margaret Hospital, Director of the Program for Multiple Myeloma, discussing all that is new in clinical trials and myeloma treatments.

Naveen from the Binding Site talked about blood tests and the best diagnostic tests.

Bill Dempster from 3Sixty Public Affairs told us all about advocacy and the world of reimbursement of myeloma drugs.

Some of the leaders and others involved in advocacy, spent Tuesday on Parliament Hill meeting MPs to discuss how the Federal Government can support us in advancing better and timely access to new treatments.

The whole event was excellent and we will pass much of the information on to the group at our next meeting and hope to have at least two of the speakers talk at one of our meetings in the New Year.

Jean Shepherd, Co-Chair, Ottawa-Gatineau Multiple Myeloma Support Group

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